Nothing delivers like the power of a live performance. And no one delivers like 3G Productions.

3G Productions prides ourselves on bringing our best to every production. We are ready and able to play any part you give us—big or small. And every size in between.

Concerts. Corporate events. Festivals. Sporting events. Award Shows. Conferences. Trade shows. Posh galas. Political events. Celebrity events. Worship events. If there’s an audience to be thrilled—whether it’s dozens, hundreds or hundreds of thousands—we will give them everything we have. We help create memorable moments that last long after the performance has ended. We will deliver for our clients. Always.

Production Management

Let our team of experts help coordinate every aspect of your production. We carefully listen to understand your vision and learn what’s most important to you. We collaborate with you at every step along the way. We know and respect who is really putting on the event — our client. We treat our vendors as partners, and we believe clear, synergetic communication among all players is critical for success. We do what has to be done to meet your goals.


  • CAD Design and Rendering of Shows
  • Artist Relations
  • Production Equipment Rental
  • Stage Management
  • Broadcast Interfacing


With an impressive mix of leading-edge equipment, state-of-the-art technology and an expert team of people, 3G guarantees the ultimate experience in sound performance. We keep an inventory of superior equipment from excellent brands, and we’ve learned to choose our gear wisely based on the unique acoustical signature of each venue and setting. Our skilled team of audio designers, engineers, mixers and advanced technicians know what it takes to successfully conquer any range of audio demands they encounter on site.

From supporting inspiring keynote speakers at a corporate event to providing the largest sound stages in the world at festivals, we go full-spectrum and full-scale. Slaying it with clear, perfectly balanced, finely tuned audio each and every time is our mantra.


Give your audience the best seat in the house — even if they’re in the nosebleeds. Our team of expert video technicians has years of experience in using only the highest-end equipment and innovative staging techniques to construct a one-of-a-kind screen experience at the venue to enhance your live performance, including setting up screens and broadcasting the video feed in a seamless, high-quality manner.

And even if not everyone can’t attend your event, we can still give them the opportunity to feel like they are there live with pristine video capture and streaming of the performance during and after the show. Expand your audience exponentially with scalable technology that can reach around the block or around the globe. Our team can help you unlock even more value from your stream by layering on a suite of data-measuring analytics tools.


Providing you the best and the brightest. Sometimes lighting can perfectly underscore the story you’re trying to tell. And sometimes it can serve as the main attraction of a performance. With an expansive inventory of the most innovative technologies in the lighting space and expert technicians who have devoted their entire careers to honing new lighting techniques, we can create the mood, feeling or effect that will put your event in perfect focus.


Ensure your on-site communications needs are being fully met by tapping into 3G’s robust network infrastructure for the seamless and high-resolution distribution of video, audio and data signals. Our team of experienced technicians are proficient in the installation and operation of both wired and wireless intercom systems. Increase your audience exponentially with viewers from around the globe by simulcasting your performance in real time with fiber-based solutions.

A band on tour, an extravagant award show, a new product launch or an international e-gaming tournament – anything can happen at any moment, and we understand that even a millisecond of down time can lead to a potential disaster. Fortunately, as a team of dedicated 3G experts who has seen it all, we know how to put out the flame before it becomes a fire. These are the critical moments when it really counts to have the right team on the job. We get it, and we’ve got your back.

We only work with trusted manufacturers and the latest technology standards:

  • Riedel Bolero
  • Clearcom Helix Net
  • Radio Active Design (RAD)

Dry Hire Equipment Rental

We believe any company that sells and rents equipment should be an expert on the products they offer. At 3G, we only deal with manufacturers we trust and use ourselves. Understanding and appreciating the trust our clients place in our company, we give them the assurance that the intended application for these products will be correct. Our comprehensive inventory of the leading brands in audio offers venues, performers, rental companies and others an unsurpassed selection to choose from.

As a certified d&b audiotechnik and L’Acoustics partner and dealer for many other top manufacturers, we offer the best equipment from the best brands in the business:

  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Amps
  • Consoles
  • Cables
  • Communications
  • RF equipment and microphones
  • A wide selection of video and lighting gear