Super Bowl LIII Music Fest

Posted Sep 17, 2019 5:42:12 PM

Super Bowl LIII Music Fest Highlight Reel

One common thread that runs through our 3G production team is the dedication we all share to be “in the know” about the latest technology integrating design with video, lighting, and scenery for live and broadcast events.  We recognize the value in working for a company committed to investing in the best equipment in the industry.  We appreciate the collection of high-end gear we have at our fingertips to design with, work with, and learn from, and we take care of it well.  

Here we highlight two of our top picks for video gear and technology that 3G used for several high profile events this year, including a performance on the festival grounds of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta with performances by Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and Aerosmith.

ROE Carbon Series LED Panels

In 2019, 3G invested in a combination of ROE carbon series CB5 and CB8 video panels, along with the ROE Black Pearl system. ROE continues to be the leading brand and gold standard for production and professional shows and 3G continues to add ROE product to our inventory for a variety of reasons.  The carbon fiber technology and the slim design of the CB5, CB8 and Black Pearl system makes the gear lightweight and stackable.  ROE panels are easy to handle, move, and transport, which reduces labor time and saves on our shipping costs.  

We’ve found that ROE’s foldable structure requires less space in our trucks, which makes them ideal to take out on tour. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use with both flat and curved configurations, we have the flexibility to use the ROE carbon-based LED panels for both outdoor festivals, as well as indoor performances. Once on site at our location, the ROE panels can be hung quickly and efficiently to build large LED walls productively in good time. ROE’s carbon series LED panels come in standard or half panels and the magnet-assisted assembly design allows for easy positioning and installation.

Brompton Processors

3G uses Brompton technology for the LED processing control with our ROE panels because of the superior control it offers with color display onscreen.  Fine-tuning color correction and tweaking on screen color adjustment is an art form. Having tight control over color correction between the panels is equally important and Brompton processors prove to work the best for us.  Additionally, since we know that audiences enjoy taking photographs of the large LED screens, we consider the moiré effect that can be created when odd stripes and patterns appear in images. This happens when a fine pattern on the subject, in this case a massive  LED screen, meshes with the pattern on the imaging chip from a camera. With a Brompton processing system, clear photos can be taken of high density pixels, without the appearance of large-scale interference patterns.

Most of our 3G team agrees that Super Bowl LIII was the most exciting event of 2019 first quarter.  Our combo for success was a well thought out plan, the best equipment and technology to deliver results, and a highly skilled crew to execute the vision on location.