Full-Service AV Production - Our Process

Posted Aug 7, 2019 3:29:06 AM

3G Productions has expanded as a full-service AV production company serving our clients with audio, video, lighting, staging, communications and presentation equipment and services for any scale of event. As a full-service AV production company with an entertainment focus, 3G Productions handles everything from meetings and conferences, to awards shows, concerts, festivals, and national or global tours. 

With continuous growth and expansion since 2004, 3G Productions has gained a reputation for blending the knowledge and use of industry leading equipment with highly skilled experts to deliver a smooth, seamless, and positively memorable experience from any stage for our clients and their audience.  3G Productions is a team of dedicated individuals, passionately honing their specialty by living it and breathing it every day.  Our success for every event is a result of the knowledge and hands on experience of our team members from each division - audio, video, lighting, communications – all working together as a mastermind with a collective inventory of the highest quality equipment and systems in our warehouses in Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

How We Get It Done:

Whether the 3G team is designing and assembling a system for a corporate event, a concert, or an awards show, the main goal is always the same – to make our client look and sound the very best. The truth is that not all sound systems or visual and lighting equipment are suitable for any given room. The only way to uncover the best solution is to have vast knowledge and experience working with a variety of equipment and many systems from several manufacturers. 

For example, a sound system can’t be chosen for its popularity or because it’s worked well elsewhere.  One of the most important aspects of getting the audio system right in any venue is choosing the best speaker system based on the acoustical characteristics of that environment.  The sound system must cover the audience, and simultaneously keep sound off reflective surfaces, walls and ceilings.  Since sounds reflected from hard surfaces often return to the listening area causing unwanted reverberation that reduce clarity and create variance from seat to seat, the ultimate solution for achieving predictability and consistency can vary as much as the conference rooms, arenas, festival lots, and venues do.  The acoustic treatment of the environment is always a major factor to consider when assembling the perfect system for an event space, in addition to simply choosing equipment that allows for ample coverage.

3G Experts Tuning In to Get It Just Right

Once a reliable system is thoughtfully set in place, our 3G expert technicians carefully consider how to make it work best for the staged environment. Human voices on stage will fluctuate, and an expert A/V tech anticipates and prepares accordingly to ensure consistent speech intelligibility and seamless transitions.  The last thing a key-note speaker or a vocal artist should have to worry about is how they will sound on stage. Mixing speech is indeed an art form, and fine tuning to find that perfect balance that ensures easy listening is a fun challenge. Sound must be crisp, clear and at an appropriate volume to capture and captivate the audience.   Not too soft that it requires the audience to have to focus brainpower on deciphering what is being said, yet not too loud that the speech sounds harsh and off-putting to listen to.

Microphone selection and placement are also important factors, along with equalization for smooth and solid speech and vocals.  Lastly, since it can be difficult to truly hear what’s going on in the event space from a console in the back corner, having at least 1 tech walking the room is vital. This is the only way an A/V tech can be certain about making accurate level and equalization choices that will suit the room and the audience.

As a full-service AV production company, we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain experience bringing our best 3G people and our highest quality equipment to venues in locations all over the world.  Regardless of size, type, and scopes, one universal truth is certain- every client is unique with personalized needs and each new venue is a stage waiting to be set up for success. 

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