Crushing it at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2019

Posted Aug 6, 2019 6:55:53 PM

The Power Behind the Performance

  • 752 D&B Loudspeakers on 3 massive stages
  • 160 man hours to prep
  • 480 man hours to setup 
  • 2 hours of download time at each stage
  • A team of 3G experts to pull it off  

As you can imagine, a whole lot goes into creating a 3-day adult wonderland for the Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to celebrate life, music, art and a culture of oneness. A lineup of the top names in the electronic music industry performing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and 140,000 of their most loyal fans expecting a larger than life sound experience unrivaled by no other in the world. The pressure is on.

Team 3G Objective for EDC 2019

We know it’s not our last event, but our next event that will define us.  So edging to the boundary of our comfort zone in order to raise the bar for our 12th year at EDC May 17-19, 2019 was a welcome challenge for the 3G team.  The perfect mix of the highest quality equipment from 3G Productions, hand picked to deliver peak sound performance and consistent coverage for this dank line up of DJs included gear from D&B, L-Acoustics, Lake LM 44, Digico, Avid, Yamaha.

How to do it bigger and better than ever before, and be ready to crush it on-site for Electric Daisy Carnival 2019?  Challenge accepted. This was the puzzle to solve and the spark that lit the fire for our sound engineers on this project.

The 3G Solution

When planning for sound coverage, the objective is to evenly reach far left and far right sides of the audience with even coverage, without overlapping so heavily that it creates a hot spot in the middle.  Even more important than horizontal coverage was vertical coverage. Aside from the sheer size and scope of the EDC festival, loudspeaker arrays in unusually high positions would prove to be the biggest complication on location. 

An expert team of 3G sound engineers yielding different approaches based on years of experience at outdoor venues came together to design the best way to deliver optimal sound performance with consistent coverage for the Kinetic Field, Cosmic Meadows, and Circuit Ground stages at Electric Daisy Carnival 2019.

Achieving balanced speaker coverage is determined by elevation, speaker distance and speaker volume. Therefore, determining the perfect plot for placement of powerful loudspeakers along with down-fill speakers to point at a slightly different angles to fill in the gaps was critical.

“Rely on your loudspeaker prediction software, and spend as much time as possible getting it right.  Constantly go back and dot I’s and cross T’s until you’re sure you’ve got it figured out. Every year I’m reminded that one can push the envelope of their abilities in every sense of the term.”

Julio Valdez, Senior Systems Engineer and Designer, 3G Productions

Adequate speaker coverage is as much of an art as it is a science.  Something different is required for every venue or location. Precision with planning and plotting is vital to be set up for success.  The experience of an expert team using their ears to make strategic sound-reinforcement decisions to get it just right on-site, well that’s what makes the magic happen.

A big thank you to our dedicated team, the people who make it happen. The ones who successfully executed EDC 2019 and continue to fearlessly venture outside the limits of what they believe is possible to raise the sound bar for 3G:  Manny, Juan, Jeff, Robert, Gabriel, Nick, Adolfo, Joe, Ben, Armando, William, Shervorn, David, Edwin, Eduardo, Jazz, Leidy, James, Andrew, Julio. 

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett