Lighting Up the BET Experience 2019

Posted Sep 17, 2019 5:30:26 PM

3G Productions was hired again this year to handle full production for the BET Experience held on June 21-22, 2019 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. We decided to raise the bar for BET 2019 in an impressive way with full rigging automation. Our experience touring with bands has proven that anytime the audience can see an impressive light show and a bunch of moving parts, it adds to the excitement of the performance. Thoughtfully designed automation can also help talent move around the stage with more flexibility to get in place or cover more ground in less time.  

Automating and motorizing machinery has been going on since the beginning of the distribution of electricity. The speed and power of computer hardware and the capabilities of the software have progressively made it more and more sophisticated over the years.  However, regardless of how extensive the aspects of a production become, the one thing that remains the same is the finite amount of time we have to install and build it on location.

It’s true that in our industry, time is money.  But no amount of money can buy more time, and limited set up time is almost always a challenge on location.  This was surely the case with the BET Experience this year.  That’s why it’s critical to have a swift and skillful team and the right gear that works for you, rather than against you, especially when the clock is ticking and every minute counts.

Here are a few steps that keep our 3G team working efficiently to save time when it matters most:

Test gear, before and after each show

Each piece of equipment is put through rigorous testing by our warehouse crew after each show, and once again before it’s loaded on the truck for the next show.  It’s our fail-safe method to ensure our gear will continue to deliver the results we expect at each and every event. Testing equipment on the front end helps us avoid unnecessary delays on location.  And if we can complete the installation early on location, that translates into valuable time for sound checks, and more rehearsal time for our clients.

Spend extra time in the warehouse prepping equipment for transport

It’s well worth spending extra time prepping on the front end to ensure the team saves time when arriving the day of the event on location.  The GT Tyler Truss is one of our favorite pieces of gear that helps us feel like time ninjas.  Our warehouse crew has a streamlined process to hang lights on the GT Tyler Truss before the prepped fixture is loaded in the truck for transport.  Our truss with lights is all ready for us the moment the truck arrives on location, elevating our time ninja status during installation. 

Invest in high-end lightweight equipment

The carbon fiber technology and the slim design of the carbon series by ROE makes the gear lightweight and stackable.  ROE panels are easy to handle, move, and transport, which reduces labor time and saves on our shipping costs.   Once on site at our location, the ROE panels can be hung quickly and efficiently to build large LED walls productively in good time. ROE’s carbon series LED panels come in standard or half panels and the magnet-assisted assembly design allows for easy positioning and installation.