3G On Tour with Blackpink Spring 2019

Posted Aug 6, 2019 10:09:21 PM

Our 3G team was tickled pink to sign on and join the highest-charting female K-pop band on the Billboard Top 100 list for their North American tour circuit this Spring. The Blackpink In Your Area tour ran April through June hitting 7 stadiums in 8 weeks, beginning in Los Angeles and then continuing on to Chicago, Ontario, Newark, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Manchester and London. 

3G Productions has been on tour with dozens of bands since we began touring in 2004. In our experience touring over the last 15 years, one certainty we’ve come to learn is that no two tours are alike in spirit. The client sets the tone of engagement by their energy, attitude, and communication style and approach. Naturally as a result, this prevailing energy permeates through the rest of the management and crew, having a significant impact on the tour experience, especially when the team is living and working together on a daily basis for months at a time. 

Yes, each individual tour takes on a life and personality of its own for sure.  And it’s something that can’t be predicted, only experienced once you’re living it. Needless to say, every member of our 3G crew of 36 on the Blackpink tour are adept at rolling with the waves, going with the flow, and maintaining a positive attitude along the way.  Upon returning home, our crew unanimously agreed that the Blackpink tour was one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences they had in their history of working with 3G Productions. 

So let’s get to what you really want to know…

Here's what 3G's Production Coordinator had to say about being on tour with Blackpink:

What was most important to the client for this Blackpink tour? 

“Well, EVERYTHING … This is the type of client that pays attention to every detail of the show, from backstage (dressing rooms) to stage to the audience attending.

What was unique, special, or notable about the Blackpink tour? 

The language difference was obvious, however we quickly realized that it was no barrier. The two-production side got along right away.  We quickly became trusting friends and every department was able to communicate without speaking the language.

What words would you use to sum up the vibe of the Blackpink tour in one sentence or less?

Well, here are a few comments directly from our 3G crew on the Blackpink tour:

 “So much food and great laughs!”

“Best friends come from all over!”

“YG Entertaiment and the crew made this a positive experience, show after show.”

“This was one really fun tour with an awesome group of people from all different parts of the world.”

“Best K-Pop Tour I have ever done!”

What unexpected surprises, snags, or pitfalls did you face on-site? What did you do to resolve or overcome them? 

Your normal surprises or snags on this tour were a piece of cake, we worked together as a team and made it work.

What were sound checks like on the Blackpink tour? 

K-pop takes advantage of every moment to spend time with their Fans and sound checks was one of those moments. Our sound checks consisted of 300 fans in the arena while the girls did their thing. This makes sound checks fun and lively for everyone.

What previous experience or education provided useful while on the Blackpink tour?

Every previous tour and one-off show prepares you for the next. But I have to say this was an unexpected tour everything about it was so great! Usually once the tour ends everyone is happy to go home, not for BlackPink Tour we ALL wanted a few more show! Some even cried!

Was there a key take away or lesson you learned during your time on the Blackpink tour? 

Be open minded and willing to learn a new culture. Always be respectful, being respectful opens the door to a trusting relationship.